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Tuscan Bbq
Pathetic Food and Hygiene

Absoluut pateties - baie ongelukkig met die kos wat ons vanaand ge-eet het die carvery was so droog soos die woestyn (proe soos graad c vleis) die een nagereg was suur - sushi rys was suur. Die chicken livers proe asof dit vrot is, die uie-ringe was yskoud en nog baie ander klagtes oor die kos - die badkamers was so disgusting ...

Tuscan Bbq
Dried out food & hygiene

On the evening of 27 Dec. 2014 we took friends who were from out of town, to eat at Tuscan BBQ. The food, especially the cavery, the pork chops and rashers, in fact most of the meat dishes except the oxtail & stews were dried out and crisp from being under the warming lights probably from that morning. A net was pulled over the ...

Sandwich Baron

Unhappy with the service received from your Groenkloof branch, as I always do I order from your online shop. Usually my orders are processed by the Groenkloof branch since they are based 10km away from my office. And as always when I order from Sandwich Baron I make an EFT for payment, since I barely ever have cash on me. Today ...

Adt Security
Terribel service - Technicians & Call centre

I booked a call-out to fix a faulty beam (a brand new beam by the way which have been faulty since installation). My fianc? Took the day off work for this, but the technician just didn't pitch up, even after several calls to ask where he was Following this I have been phoning ADT for the last 2 days trying to re-book an ...