City: Groenkloof
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Telkom Fibre Optic Installation

Dear Telkom, I have emailed twice, called 5 times, and no-one can tell me why my Fibre Optic ADSL is not working. You installed in the first week of April 2015, and since last week Wednesday its not working. Please assist as I am using this channel as your sms, email and call centers can not explain what the problem is. I have ...

Life Healthcare

I have recently had a back operation at LCMH (LIFE CLINIC), I was in theatre for 4 hours then in HC for 1day before going to the St Catherine Ward. The care and support throughout the procedure was incredibly professional. I had the misfortune of going to FLORO CLINIC (LIFE CLINIC) about 4 years ago and am still so revolted by ...

Does anyone work at telkom?

I've been calling Telkom since last year October to try and get them to install a line at my flat. Apparently Groenkloof is a high priority area but it doesn't seem like it. Every time I call I wait at least 20 Minutes before someone answers and then they always promise they'll send someone in that week but no one ever comes or ...

Lack of basic hygiene in Food dept.

Yesterday round about lunch time my colleague and I went to get a couple of stuff at Spar Groenkloof and decided to buy lunch as well. We got to the hot food dept and wanted to buy food. That dept was full of flies all over the food and the stuff that was serving food had NO apron, NO hand gloves and wore jewelry. The only ...