City: Gugulethu
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Credit must go where it is due.

I want to thank Mr F Carelse the manner he handled my situation. I am speechless South Africa needs people like you. You did all this with a great attitude and a sense of humour. You promised and delivered. If you were a president of this country there would be no poverty, homeless and jobless. I salute you. BLESS YOU AND YOUR ...

Old Mutual
Personal loan

I was called by old mutual (kuils river sales rep) told that i qaulify for a loan of up to R27500. All i needed to do was send through my documents and come sign the contract. I went to the gugulethu branch i was advised that the can tranfer the contract from kuils river to gugulethu branch. Went to the branch they isseud with ...


Security at shop attacked me because of a slip. I returned goods and was given aslip but wen i came at the door the security attacked me because the teller told the security to hold me because of the slip. I went out of the door and he followed me and grabbed me. I asked him why he assaulting me and then starting puncting me ...

Incompetant service

Friday the 1st of august I called the store for a set-aside on uzzi jeans that was on promotion for R320.00 to be collected on sunday the 3rd. I called the store sunday when I was on my way to collect the item I was told that the jean was removed from set aside and that they dont have it, approximately 15 minutes they called to ...