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Datashare incorrect billing

I was happy when MTN introduced datashare ans I immediately bought a 2GB (1GB 1GB) free which I started sharing with my second phone. After 21 days the second number stopped working because it had already used up 1GB from the main number. I contacted MTN customer servive (173) and spole to several agents but they all failed to ...


I had a conract with vodacom which was expiring on the30 Jan 2015 and as I called for cancellation a consultant told me my contract expires on Jan 2017 as there was an upgrade I told them that I know nothing about the upgrade then thry said they will call me of which I'm still waiting for their csll. I then went to the branch ...

Vodacom GHOSTS

All my settings on my mobile were working until this morning when I got up and my internet on my mobile was down. I contacted Vodacom they gave me the seven step procedure which I followed. Nothing is working I then called again and was informed that I must go into a Vodacom store. This is the problem I have: firstly, which ...

Still havent recieved my groupon

I did payment for a groupon on Friday last week and still havent received my groupon. I have my spa appointment on Sunday this week and I need to send them my groupon. It has been more than 5 working days since I did payment and I need that groupon NOW!!! Ref. Grpzarna31o1. It is ridiculous that i have had to wait so long. I ...

No Customer Care

3 weeks ago chest of drawers delivered; noticed the goods where damaged the driver said they could not take goods back I need to sign which I did on the delivery report I ticked Goods Damaged, contacted HC with no joy whatsoever for the past 3 weeks, Head office says all they can do is log a query with the warehouse, I have ...