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Customer service

Have an issue with my home wifi... Call during the day and told to call when I am next to my router. Call again now and after giving all my details and explaining my issue to the cc agent I am transferred to the technical department. Literally on hold for half an hour. I have the screen dump to prove it. I cannot pay the cell ...

Essential Med
Incorrect Debit order -not happy

So i guess this is what it takes to get companies to assist. I had a policy with essential med - about 6/7 months ago which i cancelled before it even took into effect. End of Jan 2015- they debit my account with R907, had no money in my account so it bounced. I talk to them about that - because now Im left with bank charges ...

Not getting my refund

I was at Makro Centurion on 06.02.2015 to return goods of R798.00. Since I paid with my credit card, they did not want to give me cash, but promised me an EFT back into my credit card within 48 hours. I phone on 13.02.2015 & they told me the refund was processed & that I have to check with my bank. I contacted my bank & they ...

No service whenever its rains

I am sick and tired of this every time it rains the open box on the pole causes the lines not to work at all. Telkom was notified about this several times. A new pole was planted some 3 weeks ago and that it they never returned to finished there job. This is day 2 were i am not having a line thats in use, i am running a ...

Poor and slow service..

A family member had an accident in January 2015. An assessor under the watchful eye of Paul was nominated. Its been over 12 days. No responce from paul. No car or incident report from the assessor. We are asked to leave a detailed message for him everyday. He never response. Yet we are given his voice mail number 0119900284. ...