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African Bank
Ridiculous Interest

I have been paying my 2 accounts on time, every month, without skipping it, for almost 4 years December 2014 I could not pay the installment. I have contacted African bank and asked to please either take a double debit or to extend my agreement with an extra month. A double deduction was done and I had to reverse the ...

Reap off

I have been paying my contract including insurance for almost 2 years, now i lost my phone yesterday i'm been told my claim wont be paid out because i was using a different sim card... 0769111183 ...

Horrible claims processing

My wife and i are seeing a gynecologist that doesn't take medical aids. So each time we see him, we have to pay the costs upfront and then claim it back from the medical aid (Hosmed) i always promptly recieve all the relevant documentation from the gynecologist's accounts department the day after our visit and always emidiatly ...

Cell C
Ripped off by Cell C

I did an Upgrade in October 2014. I received my phone and everything seemed fine. I noticed that I was still being debited R578.00 per month, instead of R525.00 (New Contract), but it didn't bother me as I was under the impression it is because I'm still busy with my 24 Month Contract and the new Contract will kick in February ...

UTi Distribution
Great stuff

Firstly I would like to apologize for the in appropriateness of my report and letting my anger take control of me. It was not my intention to offend anyone personally. People shouldn't get compliments for doing right what they are supposed to be doing right in the first place because they get paid for it, but in this case I was ...