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Pathetic Service!

I reported my handset on Friday 19 February 2015. When I bought this handset it was valued at R9500 which is why it was insured for R10000. I've been trying to get a new handset under insurance for a whole week now but all I hear is "I'll call you back"... I'm still waiting for a call. I've spoken to 4 different people during ...

From unipin and fontana spar

On 24 February 2015 i bought a unipin prepaid voucher from fontana high point superspar, when i tried to redeem the token it said voucher already redeemed, on investigation it was said that the voucher was redeemed on the 29/01/2015... How on earth can i buy a voucher and it was redeemed a month ago. I sent an email to and got ...

No feedback!

I never received a statement nor itemise billing since my account was handed over to Altech Autopage from Nashua Mobile. Yet i smses stating that my account is in arriers and they going to suspend my line. I have requested statements and itemise billing since Jan 2015. Tsepho in accounts read her email that i have sent her and ...

Outrageous data billed fo

Hi this month i have been using high amouts of data on my contract number. I have bought in excess of 15gigs in data bundles because i know the out of bundle rates are exceptionally high. The one moring i was streaming live tv and suddenly my phone lost all conections. I phoned vodacom to find out what was wrong and they said i ...

Absa your money

Absa just tooooook money off my new account i opened yesterday. I have a credit card on which i have an existing arrangement. I wan going to phone them toay to make an arrangement for money directly off my new account, at an agreed amount. They did not call me, they did not sms me, they did not email me and they just took a ...