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Please escalate!

I just purchased a vehicle that the previous owner has a full maintenance policy on. I requested the details to be changed on to mine - took about three days only after I escalated it. I have also requested on numerous occasions (over 7 times) for them to please email me the policy schedule so that I have the correct ...

Just in general useless

Yes me again. Autopage is useless in the last week I had to speak to most probably 10-15 people, leaving messages to be phoned back but nothing. Need to speak to manager in the upgrades... No one available. Will get Collin to phone me back in 5 min. No one seems to know what is going on. Every person you speak to tells you n ...


I have been trying all morning to contact the call centre regarding a query I have. I repeatedly get placed on hold - totalling more than 2 hours. When I call and press 1 for a new customer I was assisted immediately. When I told the assistant what I was calling for the call was dropped. Disgusting service. There is absolutely ...

Poor service

Hi I called in on Saturday to the callcentre asking to downgrade to north indian package only as we have a death in my family and we are not watching television for 13 days due to mourning. I was advised quite rudely by the agent that we cant and O must call at the end of the month. I am upset as I do not see why I must pay for ...

Worst customer service ever!

I have after 22 years of being a Edgars customer and I have been a very good customer decided to close the book on Edgars, there service is non excitant, Being in retail myself I understand how important customer service is but I believe because Edgars don't value there customers they believe that 1 unhappy customer is not ...