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Terrible service by Legal Wise

I should have checked Hello Peter before signing up wit Legal Wise... I am actually very disappointed with Legal Wise big time. I reported an issue with my employer two weeks ago, I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Samora... Until today nothing has been done with regards to my issue. What is the point of having legal cover ...

Bad service overall

Since being force onto Autopage (from Nashua mobile) I had nothing but bad service. They don't send statements even though I phone more that once and even went to one of their outlets. After not receiving my bill again end of February I phone them (4 March) again to send me the bill. The statement they send was for (total ...

Faultu Samsung S5 mini

I had an upgrade in Nov 2014, since receiving my new cell phone, it drops calls all the time. Was in for repair in Jan 2015, only got it back mid Feb 2015 and they say that they have repaired it, but it still has the same problem. Spoke to Marais in Pongola, they say I must talk to head office. Called them and they say I must ...