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Real People
Real People

On Friday, I received a compromised settlement figure from DMC of R1000 towards the loan I had 3years back which is a prescribed debt which they should even have to collect on it, because of the new amended act, this amount was paid by myself as instructed and I requested a confirmation to state that ITC has been updated and ...

Billing me for cancelled service

I really dont like doing this again, but I recieved a mail threatening me that in 48 hours I must pay an amount over R1000 or I will be given over, firstly you opologise for the bad service I recieved and now they just keep on billing me, I told you I am not paying for the service I recieved and yet you just keep on billing me ...

First National Bank
Freezing and account

To First national bank imagine waking up and finding out that they have frozen your account due to non compliance for fica documents. What I would like to know is no one contacted me to let me know some documentation was outstanding. Please can you explain to me why I am being treated as a criminal. I have had enough of this ...

Very helpfull and Friendly

My car had a problem and needed to be taken to a workshop as it did not want to start. I contacted outsurance as we needed a tow truck. Oupa answered the call and was very friendly and helpfull. He called me back told me which company will come to assist me and how long it will take. He send me the reference number via sms and ...