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Terrible Service

After weeks of trying to change ownership of a contact form my Mother's name into my name, I received a email from Sifiso to say that I do not meet the credit vetting criteria? I replied to say that I do not have any bad debt and that I sent all the necessary information. I also told him that I had recently applied for a credit ...

Vodacom from customers

I requested that my contract be cancelled in January. I noticed that my account was debited in February for the contract amount. I contacted Vodacom and asked if the contract had been cancelled. I was told that there was a problem with their system and that the contract was not cancelled. Marion Jeftha loaded the cancellation ...

African Bank
Settled and Credit Card Owing!

I had a credit card account taken with Loan some year back and went into Arrears. I had an arrangement with African Bank to pay via Debit order which I religiously did as october Last year I was offered a settlement discount of 30% and my Balance was aboutn R724 and I paid R500.00 as Final pmnt on 1st Dec ...