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I spend the whole day calling absa and i have been given 4 different numbers to contact in order to get my problem solved, no one seems to know who to contact, i made an on line purchase on the 2nd of march 2015 using my debit card, to date i have not received my product purchased because the funds are still stuck on my account ...

Just a fat mess up

My account was migrated over from Nashua to Autopage. After receiving a statement (that was totally wrong) I was never debited for the amount. After numerous of calls and emails begging for them to sort out my account they finally deducted my account end Jan. 2 weeks later my phone was blocked - apparently due to my account ...

Incompetence on another level!

I had an account with homechoice which i was paying via debit order every month for the past 18 months. I had a balance of R47 and that seemed to be the final payment upon checking my bank statement i noticed the debit order was not taken for the final payment. I called the call center only to be put through to an arrogant ...

Waiting for almost 2 months for an orde

I have 3 cellphone contracts with Autopage so I've been a good customer for years now. One of my contracts was due for upgrade and I wanted a Sony Xperia Z3 compact in white & that is where the problem came in. I was told by various stores that Autopage can't get this handset in white. I then threatened to take my business ...

Capitec Bank

I received a threatening letter yesterday. Notice of default in terms of section129 (1) of NCA no 34 of 2005. I need to know when did I apply for a loan? Who sign the application? Which bank account did the money go to? I need a bank statement that shows all the transaction, to my knowledge I do not have an account with you. ...

No service when calling Wesbank

Hi, yesterday I tried phoning Wesbank about 7 times using all the numbers specified on their website. Each time when holding on for a consultant the phone dies and I have to start the process all over. Holding on for 5-10 minutes at a time is extremely unprofessional! How do you do business if you don't even answer phones?? ...