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SAA cancels officially booked tickets

I purchased tickets with SAA on Friday 27-02-2015 to Abu Dhabi. I received a confirmation, and now SAA want to cancel my tickets, unfortunately they have no permission to cancel my tickets they need to honor their obligation. They are currently running another sale today, how do we know they are not going to cancel those ...

What a great product

With my first baby I used numerous other nappy brands until I tried huggies gold... Now with twin baby GIRLS on the way I am assured I can just use huggies from the start to end! What a great product!!! I already started to "stock up".. A huggies repesentitve phoned me end of 2014 to post me a huggies hamper but with the post ...

I want my money back!

I cannot begin to describe the frustration of having purchased something that turned out to be faulty as and then they pick the straightener up only to loose it in transit and then promise a refund which i am waiting for for over a month now. They send me stupid screen shots saying they did the refund but upon checking my ...