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Cell C
IPhone 6 out of Stock for months!

Our contract expire and we ordered 2 x IPhone 6 from Cell C. One IPhone 6 was delivered in January 2015, instead of the promised 2 units. We phone every week just to here the phone is not in stock. Talking to the person today again the same story... We don't know when stock will be available? Is the Cell C system so useless not ...

SAA cancels officially issued tickets

SAA has conveniently decided to cancel all officially issued E-TICKETS booked for the flight to ABU DHABI. They claim "as you may have been aware, the fare you purchased was incorrect and resulted from an inadvertent error that was beyond our control." How is the consumer to know especially when they are running a 72 hour ...

They give you faulty stuff

I bought the swindon bed from homechoice, firstly they within a month of having the bed i called them to come and see as my slates kept on coming out. They informed me that the leather things holding the slates to the base was faulty and they had been replaced. Not even two months later i informed them that the 2 legs in the ...