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Cell C
Cell C service Poo

Last year I upgrade my Cell C contract, upgrade to a Samsung 5. My phone was blacklisted wrongly by Cell c. I had to go to a Police office to get a affidavit to unblacklist my phone. Send the form through to Cell C. It was unblacklist, since then my troubles start. One month the phone work then its off line again. Phone Cell C, ...


This is now the 2nd time of complaining about homechoice/phonechoice. My laptop was probably about 7 months ago, after paying the excess and everything else, I am still waiting for my replacement. When I call in noboby answers, and when they do, the promise to call me back and never do. So im paying for something that I have no ...

Ad service

I have been waiting from the 15th of feb 2015 for an upgrade on their system it shows that I'm am due for an upgrade but when they try to do it is says call 808 and guess wat 808 is just a waste time because the service that is required as a customer you are not getting it and when we called 808 they told me that I have to pay ...