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Consumer Friend
Debt review not unflagged

I was under debt review 6 years ago, I finished my payments early 2011 by getting settlements letters from consumer friendly for Woolworths card and Foschini group. To my surprised with Woolworths system its still show that I am under debt review even thou I am not as ITC shows and I confirmed with NCR, so I feel like am being ...

First National Bank
Ovedraft declined

I applied for an overdraft on the 24-2-15 and it was declined and they said its due to affordability and low ITC scoring. I did ITC scoring and credit record before I went to the bank it was 740 I even have proof and I saw that they did an enquiry on ITC as well, so I want to know what they mean by low scoring? Regarding ...

Poor service from altech autopage

My cellphone was lost during December 2014. The insurance company requested a copy of the contract which I requested from Altech Autopage both telephonically and via email on the 9th February 2015, which according to the call centre agent takes approximately 2 to 24 hours to provide. On the 20th February I phoned and emailed ...