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No refund done!

After my previous Hello Peter report of PATHETIC SERVICE!!! Siphiso phoned me to advise that a refund would be done for the amount of more than R500 that was deducted after my account with Autopage had already been terminated. Siphiso phoned on 12/02/2015 to advise that refund would be processed by the billing/accounts dept. I ...

Sizwe Medical Fund
Over Deduction

I was over deducted by sizwe medical fund a month ago I commenced membership 1 February 2015. My salary as provided by means of a pay slip is R5 000, which places my in income band 460 - R650. The deduction to my bank account was R1 760 on 2 February 2015, whereas it should be R650. I have been trying to get a refund for the ...

Still no feedback

This is my 2nd Hello Peter request now... STILL NO FEEDBACK from Autopage. I would like to Cancel my contract please? Can someone contact me today so I can do so. I will not pay one cent for cancelling. Because Autopage can just take my money without explanations. No client assistance. NOTHING. So I will pay NOTHING NO ...