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First National Bank
How can you help me?

In January of 2014 I, requested to close one of my 2 cheque accounts at FNB, My sideline business had come to a end, and so i no longer require 2 accounts. This whole process was done over the phone and threw e-mails. Al was in order, the only problem was the iPad i bought threw the account i wanted to close. So, I was told ...

Blacklisting of phone not recorded

On the 10th of January we were at home we phoned the relevant cellphone companies to find out the process for listing our phones, We had a problem with our MTN listing as the phone was an ex vodacom phone but the account had been ported to MTN so we were advised by the vodacom store in key west that the the phone had to be ...

R70 per month for Handset?

I took out a contract last year March. S3 Mini for R135 per month. My phone got 2 months later and I bought a blackberry. Vodacom told me that they have to add BIS of R59 for me and I agreed. Just to discover that I am paying an extra R70 per month handset fee? What is this for??? According to my contract I have R135 contract. ...

Cell C
Realdeal competition

I can not believe that such a big company like Cell C will ever people's money. I've played the Realdeal compitition all out, when the compitition ended I've had 26500 entries for the final draw. The compitition ended on the 9th of Feb 2015, and up to date I have heard nothing from them, not even who the winner was. This ...

Yuppie Cash
Great service

I would like to thank Melissa from Yuppie Cash for an excellent display of customer service. I look forward to being a Yuppie Cash client for many many years going forward and strongly recommend your services to everyone without a doubt. Thanks Yuppie Cash team you guys ROCK ...

Still no response from Foschini

HEADLINE OPENING A ACCOUNT AGAIN THE CLIENT CLOSED OPENING A ACCOUNT AGAIN THE CLIENT CLOSED BECAUSE OF ON HER ACCOUNT Please can Foschini and the customer relationship manger Alex Emmerich stop opening accounts in my mothers name without her consent. My mom in the first place closed her account because Foschini gave a ...