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Verification of qualifications

I Completed 2 Diploma courses at the Damelin Benoni Campus between 2001 and 2004. Upon completing these courses successfully (Both with distinction) I struggled for a very long time to get any form of correspondence from Damelin in the form of a academic transcript or a Original copy of the completed diplomas. After a very long ...

Cell C
Incorrect feedback

MJ from Cell C, the email you gave me is incorrect and on top of it all i called you last week on the 15th Feb left a message to call me regading the account till today i am waiting in transit. This account is still on my neck and NO i am not satisfied with the outcome. ...

SA Post Office
Always offline

I am super fed up with this post office I paid over an extra fee for my goods to be delivered over night now my parcel is not delivered and no one can tell me where the my parcel is because their system is offline they told me maybe tomorrow or the next day. So why did I pay extra the to get it here. Why do they take money for ...

Bad service

My Husband was in a car accident 22/01/2015 and it was declared a right off. Cecil was helping us with the the beginning was very helpful replied to our emails and phone calls. Then all of a sudden when you phone his extension it goes to voicemail you can never get hold of him. When you phone 011-9900500 go to claims ...

Worst service ever!

On the 5th February 2015 i sent a request to autopage with all the attached documents to change ownership of my cellphone account. I recieved no automated response or any notifcation that it had been recieved. I then called h/o and spoke to consultant who gave me their direct email address and i resent the documents. Still no ...