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Jasper Engines
Will not honor warranty on motor.

06 Ford F150 V6- motor took a dump at 80k. My mechanic of 10yrs recommended a Jasper motor over a "junkyard" motor. Paid 7500 for motor and install. 6600 miles later in about a year, jasper motor takes a dump. My Son was 15 hrs away when it happened in the middle of nowhere. Took it to the nearest Ford dealer, 4300 dollars in ...

Review about Staff from Houston, Texas

As we are walking through the store tryingto find someone to help us find pastor. No one in the store even know what we were talking about and looked at us. Then we go to check out. She scans all of our food mind you we are bagging our own groceries because there wasn't a badger at the register. The lady proceeds to take the ...


I would like to share my experience with Expedia from today, June 26. The saga actually begins this past Tuesday, June 23. My wife attempted to make a reservation round-trip from Houston going overseas, with a departure date of July 8 and a return date of August 20. Expedia proceeded to charge our Mastercard credit card and to ...