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On 6/15 I received an info notice that stated 1st attempt. When driver didn't alert me he was here, i was home. On 6/16 I noticed by tracking driver put 2nd attempt that he couldn't reach me when I was home once again. I called ups and told them to hold for me to pick up. I picked up on Thursday 6/18 and ups noted as if they ...

Dr Simoni
Not to be trusted 3 different Proposals

I went in for consultation and was given a price of 4,500.00 per. Dr.. I went back for another consultation and was charged 150.00 per his office manager. I went in to pay for the surgery because it had all be paid in full 14 days prior to surgery. His office manager came into the room with a quote of 7,140.00. She told me he ...

Non Delivery

I ordered flowers on 5-5-15 and today is 5-8-15 and the recipient still haven't received the flowers. I will never use them or recommend them ever. I expected to at least get a customer service courtesy call or a notification via e-mail if there was a problem, but I didn't receive anything and that was very annoying. I have ...