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Standard Bank
About non payment

I had an insurance policy with standard bank and then cancelled it. I cancelled the policy after the debit order ran from my account. After notifying them that the money had left my account, they refunded my money. It now reflects that the money was reversed. I received a letter from standard bank stating that they cancelled ...

Sa Homeloans
Can not even pick up a phone

I was shocked to find that I am paying R500 for a policy not giving you home assist or covering leaks in the house. I have never the less lodged my claim and after numerous calls made by me got an supplier out to my house. I got no feedback from my so called insurance. No call. Just an email stating UPFRONT REJECTION LETTER. My ...

Unprofessional assistance

We logged a third party claim with Absa Insurance 2 weeks ago. I was asked to submit all the necessary documentation and was told that it will take about 14 days to process. To date we have not received any phone calls or feedback. Called them again today only to be told that she did receive the documents but did not do ...

Insurance claim

My car was in an accident & I was informed to take it to Automagic in Gezina for repairs. I am totally dissatisfied with the work done & my broker was informed via email on 23 Feb, Automagic was also informed via email. I do not feel that Automagic must be paid until the work is done to my satisfaction. I had to pay an excess ...