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Never use mweb

I had an issue on my account last year and logged a complaint via helopeter in Dec. After 4 months of trying to resolve the issue and getting full statement and explinations of my high acc. My acc went from R400pm to R4000pm with no explination. A guy from mweb phoned me and said I mist not stress... He will get it sorted ...

Incompetence with Internet Banking

Last week I was adding a beneficiary to my Internet Banking list. 2 minutes later my OTP had not come through yet so I clicked the "Continue" button to see if the page would refresh or if I would get the One Time Pin SMSd to my phone. No such luck, it's now been 5 minutes and not one pin sent to me, so I click "continue" ...

Unable to help

I have always had my voyager credit card linked to my internet profile. All of a sudden the voyager credit card disappeared from my profile. The card has not expired and according to voyager there are no problems with the card. Well and good. I then contacted Nedbank to try and found out why the card was removed and the best ...