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NO wifi code

So I am not a telkom customer but am one of MTN, so they say they have 30 mins of wifi per day, but the wifi Web from 1telkom talks about multiple vouchers, does this mean u get one per day? And why do they take your airtime for that sms but does not send codes, so I called the call centre was 20 mins in line and stil the ...

No delivery or assistance

I purchased on 30/07/2014 a NEW SPACE SAVING PLAYHOUSE LOFT BED WITH STORAGE STAIRS on BidorBuy and proceeded to pay the R4,280.00 the same day. Deal of the week. Seller was rated 100% Company Name: West Coast Family Enterprises I have NEVER received the Bed purchased and BidorBuy say that the claim will not be processed as ...

Cannot get 500mb Bundle Activated

Hi I received the dongle together with the Sim Card for which I am to receive 500mba month howeer the sim card has not been activated as yet I have called 10210 on numerous occasion who tell me they will activate within 24 hours. I have went to the Telkom Store in Glen on the 16th Feb 2015 who told they will activate it in ...

Catch Of The Day
At last a company that cares!

I have been looking for a certain product across a lot of websites and went to the Catch of the Day website. They didn't have the product that I was looking for. I found a submission box on their website for a suggestion for a product. I put in what I was looking for, and to my amazement I received a personal email from Craig, ...