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First National Bank
No resopnse

Dear Customer We've received your request for assistance; your Commercial Banker will contact you with regards to your application. Should you wish to speak to someone with regards to the application, you can phone 087 577 4781 and quote your reference number. Your Reference Number: 5JP7AKXN Kind regards FNB Commercial ...

Imagine Cruising
Illegal spamming, and arrogance

Yesterday I received an unsolicited spam email from Imagine Holidays (also trading as 'Imagine Cruising') I queried this on their facebook page and demanded that they supply me with the particulars the person/company who gave them my email address. They refused to do so and tried also solicit my private phone number! I ended up ...

Faulty line and adsl-no service

I logged a complaint about a faulty landline as well as very slow internet connection (0.23mbps) and im paying over R1000 per month for a 10meg line - its been over a week and no one has followed up with me. I called telkom customer services on 2 occasions and was told that there are no technicians available to assist and they ...

New website is terrible!

I got retrenched in October last year and having a 10 month old baby at home really does make it stressful to find a job. Pnet was always an easy website to use with the most positions in my field but now it is a total nightmare. It's so bad that I have given up trying to apply for jobs on the website. I feel sorry for the ...