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Systems off and still helped

Called Netflorist to place an order and part way through the order there was a system problem. The operator, Busi, took my details and promised to call me back as soon as the system was online and working. An hour or so later Busi called, inquired as to whether I had perhaps called back myself or processed the order another way ...

Still no action taken

My complaint (http:///vodacom/complaints/no-joy-still-no-action-by-vodacom-1629863) refers I upgraded 2 contracts on 5 Jan. I chose the Samsung S4 Mini LTE, which was on offer. I was informed of a backlog, with delivery in 2 weeks After my upgrade was processed (reflected on my account) and after I phoned Vodacom after 2 weeks, ...

No response in more than a month

Email sent to on 31 December 2014 (Subject: RE: [Support #609610] Resolved: Telkom Internet Fault Report) to report bad line speed (1307 instead of 2048). I received no response and sent another message on 19 January 2015 (line speed now 768 instead of 2048) [Message: I haven't received a reply from you since my last message ...

Hippo. co. za
Rude call centre agent

I was looking on Hippo to see if my current insurance is still comparable, and decided I was still happy with my current insurance company. Obviously, hippo requires you to fill in your details. Not only have I received 4 spam emails in the last 2 days, this morning I also received a phone call from Tyrell trying to get me to ...