City: Irene Mall
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Pick 'n Pay
Always call Ronald

I have been meaning to write this compliment for the longest time. I visit PnP Irene Mall often. And often I don't finding what I am looking for or I just need advice on a product. I am not sure what Ronald's role is there, but they are forever calling him to assist or telling me to go ask Ronald. Once myself and three other ...

Step Ahead Shoe Store
Poor Service

I went to the store on the morning of 12 February 2015 to buy a pair of sandals. When I wanted to pay for the pair I fitted, the sales lady told me that I am not allowed to buy only one pair of shoes, I have to take another pair, then pay for the most expensive pair. I only wanted one pair of shoes, which cost about R300, and ...

Excellent service at Absa Irene

I recently decided to switch from another bank to Absa. I went to the branch at Irene Mall to open a new student account. Everyone in the branch was very helpful - the receptionist helped me to print the necessary forms, the branch manager checked in with me twice throughout the time I was there to make sure everything was ...