City: Jackson
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Beard Dentistry
Dr Stanley R Beard, DMD - Jackson Al - Job - Quack Job - Fake - Fraud - Bad Dentist - Awful Customer Service - Avoid - Dental Nightmare - Ripoff - Scam - - Thief - Lia

Dr. Stanley R Beard, DMD with Beard Dentistry in Jackson Alabama should not be in practice - much less be advertising himself as a "cosmetic dentist." My Wife and I went here to get a routine cleaning on June 8,2015 and ended up being lied to, overcharged, and harassed by Dr. Beard and his inept staff. They refused to allow my ...

Cymax Stores
Poor Customer Service, No items recieved

Placed an order with cymax, that was never recieved. They told me to check with neighbors and nver got back with me. Two weeks passed, called again they stated they would be emailing me. The email arrived only to ask me to check with neighbors again. I then asked for a refund supervisor stated that it would be processed. Only ...

AJ Perri
Overcharged for estimate

Needed a plumber to replace a kitchen faucet in an island. AJ. Perri scheduled a repair consultation for in the morning. The tech showed up at 3PM, took a quick look and said it would cost $600. (I supply the faucet). And to have two other minor repairs done (repair/replace a hose valve) another $1200. His justification was ...

Onstar - Dont believe them!

On June 16,2015, one day after i purchased a brand new car I had a problem with it and called OnStar to have it towed back to the dealer. After waiting 1 1/2 hours I called again and was told the tow truck company never received the call from onStar so I called OnStar again and was told he would be here in 15 to 20 minutes. ...