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First National Bank
No brains

I want to know since when do one have to send a email conformation when you pay a credit card with internet banking. FNB is the only bank in South Africa that charges you when you do a EFT transfer. AND they are so high that they can't even see in what account the money was deposited! Are there people actually working there or ...

Rb Autos
RB were the best

Thanks Robert and gents, I just want to say thanks for looking after my car recently on a budget but without it I would be so stuffed. I owe you so much and really appreciate your effort. I am selling my car now so maybe you would like to buy it? Lol:) ...

FNB Insurance Brokers
Excellent Service

Antonella Smith is most probably one of the best Service Consultants with in FNB. We all expect Good Service for what we pay monthly, but this lady's Service, Feedback and Responses is just on another LEVEL. There is no need for me to go deep into what the Service was about or the Service that she rendered, but I am sure ...

Liquid Capital
NO Authorization

On Monday I booked my car for repairs at Springs VW, apparently the repair was authorize the day after which I was not aware of, unfortunately Springs VW did not have the parts will only have them after 10 working days, which is a problem for me as I am going on holiday by then. I then opted to call around for the parts knowing ...

Lumia 920 returned in same state

I send in my Nokia Lumia 920 smart phone in for repairs as it would not start-up anymore (displayed battery-icon with question mark). After 3 weeks I finally got my phone back only to find out that I'm still unable to start-up my phone as it still does the exact same thing! Has a technician actually looked at it? ...

Request Of Creditors

After logging a dispute, I was told to provide proof of Sequestration of which I did. Now Krisila and her team leader would not help me until I give them a list of creditors on sequestration order granted in 2009. How am I supposed to get that list? They have all my history, for me it will take me months or even years tracing ...