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Wrongfully repossessed

On 15 December 2015 I bought a minibus taxi from baw durban and on may 2016 it was involved in accident, i logde a claim to baw durban spoke to miss winnie mkhize and they gave me a list of panel beaters to choose from then i choose taya panel beaters in clairwood durban, i went to panel beaters they did the qautation, and my ...

Ad quality

In December I purchased a Nike Jordan T-shirt and have only worn it 3 times and the print is already fading, I am unhappy with the quality of the product paid for it knowing that it is a renowned brand yet the quality is not up to standards ...

Samsung South Africa

Last year I had Purchased a Samsung S4 Mini which gave me Endless problems and the device was replaced by the supplier 3 Times. I swore I would never use another Samsung Phone but on the release of the S5 and the reviews I was tempted and opted to Take the deivce as the Functionality & Specs as well as Pros of the device seemed ...