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Account STILL in "arrears" after settlement

2 years ago I had settled an ABSA C/C that was in arrears to the amount of R1322.70. To my shock I received a call from ABSA stating that this account is still in arrears. I had called their collections dept to sort out the matter and made them aware of the settlement. It was confirmed by a consultant on 12.09.2014 that it was ...

Standard Bank
Home loans dept

Since the last complaint, I had one person call me and nothing since. I decided again on the 26 aug to try again. Only to be told that they have no record of me ever applying for an access acc even though i did it with the bank manager. Maistry in H/L dept said i can apply online with her. I did and was told that by 1/2 sep all ...

Far too long to process a claim

Dear Sirs We had a claim submitted for our vehicle, it has been 2 weeks now and we have no car. This is really painful as both my spouse and I work and share a car, we currently have no vehicle to commute with and have had to borrow cars. I am utterly disappointed in the service level received from Santam, if the process was ...