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Liberty Life
Lifestyle & Disibility Claim

Hi There. We have been customers of liberty for quite some time now. My wife was diagnosed with a spinal tumor that made her loose some of the use of her right leg. She had to have it surgically removed, and had a Thoracic lamonectomy. Witch has left her medically unfit to resume her dally activities as she did before, while ...

First National Bank
Over charged on bank fees

Please advise why i need to pay r100 monthly service fee if you guys still need to make me pay of others things??? You are ridiculously expensive and i am not impressed. You charged me for cash deposit fee, service fee, value added serv fee, monthly acc fee, monthly rebate fee, interest fee and know what else you guys are ...

First National Bank
Customer service

On Tuesday 25 November I was contacted by a the sales department and was assisted by Paballo, my request was confirmed and she mentioned that the phone will only be delivered between 3- 7 working days. I requested if it could possibly be delivered earlier as my son is leaving for Cape Town this Sunday and I would like to give ...

Adt Security
Billed while my service's were suspended

I changed banking details moving from one bank to the other, so I notified ADT about the changes via email and sent my new banking details to the administrator and made a followup telephonically to confirm if she has received my new banking details all this was in 26/08 and it was supposed to go off on the 01/09. I then learned ...

Cellc C-surance Finrite
C-surance nightmare

Dwaling with c-surance and their staff has been a nightmare on the 25 of oct i was told an order for my mobile claim has Been sent and i needed to wait 7 working days to recieve my mobile Phone. Its Been 2weeks and no, sign of a Phone. When i called last week i was either hung up on or given incorrect information. Today the 10 ...