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Attitude from thando

Hi from yesterday i tried to retrive my message likei use too using 121 and the prompts said i should do a new message. I phoned your customer service yesterday Duma told me the voicemail lapses over 28 days if not used i did not know that, he said he will reinstate my old voice message and should note for future. I checked ...

SA Post Office
IS anyone alive at this centre?!

I have been Calling the mail center in Johannesburg for days and there is no answer due to "high Call volumes" even if you wait for an hour. My package has been sent from America last year November and still the tracking number says it is in America, because it is stuck at customs. How on earth can my package be stuck for 3 ...

Dont buy ps4

I bought a Playstation 4 specifically because you could play online for free on Playstation 3, after spending all that money and also spending R800 a game on average I find out I have to pay again to play online. I think this is ridiculous I have been a customer since Playstation 1. I will no longer refer anyone to buy anything ...

Breach of Sale Contract

I ordered a hamper called Roses trio on 4 Jan 2015 from Netflorist for delivery on 6 Jan 2015 in Parktown. The hamper is made up of a bunch of roses, a box of chocolate and a bottle of red wine. The roses were delivered on 6 Jan 2015 without the chocolate and the red wine. I called Netflorist on the morning of 7 Jan and was ...

Bayport Financial Services
Exceptional Service

I've been in contact with Cornelius via e-mail on several occasions regarding repayment of my account. He has been nothing but efficient at all times. He promptly responds to mails, actions queries in a blink of an eye! This kind of service is a rare commodity in SA and most of us could learn a lot from Cornelius Mokale. He is ...

Always on the ball

Just want to give a big up to Wayne Powell who assisted me today with sending my policy documents - it was done so effortlessly, I think I only took 3 breaths in between! LOL* thank you to the call centre as well - I never have a problem and they are always friendly and efficient. ...