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I am so disappointed with Miway

I logged my claim on the 6th of June. Since then I have spoken to consultant Mookho telephonically once. I emailed all the documents she requested. She told me the claim would take up to 18 days to be concluded. We are now in July! Since then I have been calling and emailing and I still have had no response. The consultants I ...

No wonder their workers strike

I have been with Mtn for a long time now, last month I terminated one of my contracts after 24 months and they confirmed last month will be the last month they debut my account. When the statement came I wasn't charged for that contract and I was actually amused because Mtn is useless when it comes to customer service. Debit ...

First National Bank
Sales under false presence

Hi all, An FNB Sales agent sold me a phone in January 2014 informing me that the phone is both sand and water proof, upon receiving the phone it was exposed to water and mud and was damaged. I then called FNB and Cell C to get assistance to listen to the telephone conversation between the sales rep and myself and they indeed ...