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Kia Motors South Africa
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My daughter took her car in Kia table veiw for a quote to have it repaired, without even doing a diagnosis test they quoted which took a full day to get the quote. They quote for timing cover R293, Crankshaft 4447.62, crankshaft sprocket 214.13 Damper pulley R1313.60, pulley damper R987.62 so on. Please can you explain what the ...

Forex payment not processed

I submitted an outward transfer on 4th March. It has not been prprocessed and I have not been contacted. It should take 4 days. It's now 2 weeks. I do the same transfer each month. No excuses. Now they will reprocess at a rate that has worsened. It ridiculous and the call centre cannot give answers as to why it hasn't been ...