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UPS not able to delive

I bought an item and opted for UPS to deliver it. When I do the tracking on UPS website, it says it has arrived at the final destination and all that is left is for them to deliver. I have waited for a month though, when I call them they tell me it has not arrived. This is quite bad as I thought UPS is a big and reputable ...

First National Bank
Bad Customer Service

I have been with FNB for a number of years now. I am starting to doubt whether was move was the best or not. I called several times and even visited the branch as I need a Financial Advisor as this was one of the 'benefits' I was promised with. I t has been more than 3 months now, not even a single phone call to tell me about ...

Endorsement 45

My story is about a joint mortgage. Last year around October / November I applied to take over this account alone. The other party has been paid off and I have been paying for this mortgage alone since December 2014. Last month I went over to the branch to check on the progress of this transfer and I was told that my case had ...