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This hair salon at Bentall Centre, Kingston just refused to cut my hair properly as I am confined to wheelchair. However, they still charged me the full hair cut price. The blonde hair woman whom refused to cut my hair properly was so rude as well as she said to me what do I expect as I am disabled and can't walk! ...

Straight Talk Wireless
So sick of Straight Talk!

Every month I manage to come up with $45 to pay for a Straight Talk Unlimited data pre-paid card. For the first week or so, my internet runs great.. Then it starts to slow down and continue to slow down till I have to pay again. I pay the money each month and expect to get what I paid for! When it takes over 10 minutes to get ...

Poland Spring
Toxic Poison taste > throwing it out

June 2015: Tastes like bitter garbage now. It might be that it was shipped in hot trucks and took in the chemicals in the plastic bottles. I'm throwing it out. I bought it at Stop & Shop in New York, and I will never buy it again. Tastes deathly toxic. Sharply bitter on the tongue. Other bottled waters taste great in ...

Literary Guild
New "points or credits" system

I am very disappointed in the changes of Literary Guild... You HAVE to supply a credit card — then each month/six weeks you are offered books but you aren't accepting or declining the actual book you are accepting or declining a certain number of points which, if you accept, is immediately charged to your credit card - then you ...