City: Klerksdorp
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New contract for data plan

Iv applied for a data contract on sunday and i got the excellent service and i got the sms that they received my application and mtn store will call. Next day in the morning i got a sms saying my application was approved and i will be called, i waited the whole day for a call and when i went there, the guy told me he hasn't ...

Specials never available

Eading my weekly paper i find a special that is available at Shoprite till Sunday coming, Only to arrive by the shop to hear sold out will only get stock the following Monday, sorry tough luck, this is the 3rd time in the last 12 months that this has happened. Yes we receive a paper to say when stock is in, we will be ...

Dirty kitchen and risky

I was at Steers in Klerksdorp last night (opposite MCC Spar). The floors were extremely dirty and grimy in the kitchen. Plugs hanging from the wall outside of the plug area in the wall - litteraly hanging outside with plug inserted from this "open wires" while cooking was taking place next to it. Staff was unfriendly and the ...