City: Kwaggafontein
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Railway Furnishers
Bad treatment

I have a complain against Railway furniture. I bought a samsung fridge at railway furniture and it stopped working. The fridge was still under waranty. I reported the fridge and they took long to attend to the matter, now they dd, they tell me the fridge cannot be repaired i need to choose another fridge in the store. When i go ...

Promise not kept

I have a problem with my electricity Meter box, it's doesn't want to take any token. I have bought 4 prepaid token but all in vain. I went to Kwaggafointein 151214, A man who assisted me by that time said I need to pay a fine without explaining the problem, when I asked what fine he said there will send someone to invistigate, ...

Failure to communicate

I recently had a line fault and telkom technicians said they restored it by sending me an sms on my number that i have recently updated on my telkom account. Yet my line didn't didn't work still and when i try to report it online it says my services has a problem i should contact the account department. I left many inquiries ...

Londoloza Funeral
Taking money from my Account

I had an account with londoloza but I closed that account 2012 yet they are still deducting money from my Account. I spoke to one of their consultant and I was told that the account was closed and they will make follow up to find out why is the system still deducting. That was 3 months ago. Their telephone number is: 0139860876 ...