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Truitt And Associates
Public Notice

Glenn Truitt, the owner/managing partner of Half Price Lawyers, has filed for bankruptcy but did you all know that you can't file bankruptcy on fraudulent, misrepresentation, and false pretenses? Yep, so those of you who wish to get your money back contact me. I won my case; you can win too. I want to start a class action ...

Geo Holiday
Getting out of Geo Holiday Timeshare

I did call Geo Holiday to see about a "Deedback" or "exit program" to get out of the timeshare. I was told only way is to sell or sign off to someone else which I consider bad options — why would I want to give this heartache to another human being. Because I do not like either options, I am now consulting a law firm. I just ...

Moving Staffers
They play games

One of the worst Moving Companies out there. They play games. I tried to use them because they were on u-pack website. Irony, is the u-pack rep even told not to use them and find alternatives, but I went with them. Moving Staffers gave an initial quote for around $500 for the loading service. They sent an email to confirm the ...