City: Las Vegas
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Abbey Dental
Abbey Dental a real joke

Abbey Dental, is a real real joke. OMG where do they get these people, they advertise the lowest prices in TOWN, ok but what they are leaving out is THE POOREST QUALITY OF DENTISTS AND MEDICAL DENTAL PRODUCTS IN TOWN. The Dentist will always leave out a tooth or your crown will definitely fall out OH maybe 4-5 times after ...

Nissan Finance
Very rude finance mg

Ought a 2010 used altima in dec 2014.. Bought the 7yr full coverage plan. Went to get work done, said i was covered till 2017.. Went to finance mgr' CIHAT TEKCE" located at 5800 w. Sahara las vegas nv 89146... long story short this man told me when i signed the deal that i was covered for the next 7 years. Now its not the ...

Macaroni Grill
Short changed

When I got my check, it was for $29.19. I gave the waitress $40.00 and got back $10.00. Asked about the 81cents and was told that they do not give back (coinage) change! It's not about the 81 cents as I had no idea what the ticket would be before I received it. It's just the idea that they don't give the coin change. REALY? ...

Billing and service

Every time I call in get different, misleading, and incorrect information. Called to cancel all services, asked the rep what to expect on the final bill, she informed me I'll see a credit because I canceled at the end of the cycle. Now I get bills, had two accounts; called in and rep gave different information. They are ...

ESecuritel Holdings
Refused to pay claim

I have had esecuretel for 6 months. Broke my iPhone 6 plus and filed a claim immediately. Esecuretel cashed my $199 deductible immediately. The next day my phone arrived and it was the wrong phone (iPhone 6 not 6 plus). I mailed it back. The second replacement they sent to me was obviously a refurbished phone and defective. ...