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An emergency admission - Mrs Janet Cleary

Whilst I was away in Cape Town our Mother had a medical emergency and was taken to Netcare Linksfield, and my sister had to deal with the emergency admittance on Wednesday evening, 4th February 2015. She was very impressed (my sister is also a Medical person) with the competence and speed of the check-in process and all the ...

Is this why we pay medical aid fees?

I have recently had a miscarriage and need to see a gynecologist. After googling I found that the Linksfield hospital is the closest to Greenstone, Edenvale where I live. But i have spent the last hour calling 4 different gynecologists at the hospital and what a disaster. The receptionist sounded completely dead to begin with ...

Poor nursing care

My dad was admitted with a heart attack -ICU and was transferred to E ward on the 29th. On visiting him he looked worse than when he was in ICU. He was dehydrated with a dreadful colour. He did not have his teeth brushed or face shaved. Concerned that he was dehydrated I checked to see if the drip was working. His drip was put ...


Sportzlink in Linksfield sold me a pair of Nike for R1000 which lasted for 2 month. I took it back to them and they said they would take it to Nike for me. They told me that an "Agent" from NIke said it was not their fault and they can't do anything about it. I contacted NIke direct and they said that Sportzlink is not an ...