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Last Feb we went to a NACA dream event in SF. We went hoping to get a loan modification, instead we ended up with a repayment plan agreement. They wanted $1000 along with loan docs after we signed, and would be put on a 6 mo. Trial plan of $2417. Mo. After looking at the docs, it showed after 6 months a payment being owed of ...

Double check deals at Car Max

This is an old one, but I just found this October 2010 my wife hit a deer with her PT Cruser. It was a total. She wanted another one, but we couldn't afford a new one and Chysler stopped making new ones anyway. However I found one a at CarMax dealer on line. It had all the bells and stuff we had on the old one. Auto ...

Overstock Items on Craigslist

Everyone Beware of a possible scammer called Overstock Items. Npot to be confused with They are offering appliances at ridiculously low prices and then ask you to pay by MoneyPak. I looked them on a website called It looks they are a BIG SCAM! If you are browsing Craigslist like I do, these ...

Long waite, cold food, rude waiter all for $51.12

Day after xmas went to IHOPS store#3208 for breakfast. The palce was uncrowded but we waited for an hour and a half to get our food. When we did get our food it is was cold. I paid $51.12 for this plus the server #2019 joshua h. Was rude when my wife asked for tarter sauce. His response was no, this is a pancake house. When I ...