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Account still wrong after 3 months

I upgraded my Telkom landline to include Wi-Fi, a package that costs R399/month. The first bill was for more than R1000, but upon query I received an acceptable explanation and paid it. The next one, I was told would be R399. It was R 534. I phoned again and get a sleepy sounding consultant who told me that an agent from ...

Intec College
No delivery of study material

I registered with Intec College on the 5th of Dec 2014. I was promised that i would have my study material within 21 days from the 5th of Dec. To date i havent received or heard from anyone at Intect and yet they continue to deduct a monthly payment. I have called numerous times trying to follow up on the delivery and each time ...

152 sms's in 3 days!

On the 24th November I added a 300MB bolt on data bundle on the autopage website. I received a notification sms to say you've successfully loaded the data another sms for a promotional 165MB. An hour passed and I received another two sms's telling me the same thing. To date I have received over 150 sms's. 2 sms's every /- hour. ...