City: Marshall
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Rip off is right. I tried to cancel the order and I was given the option to cancel. When I did by touch tone phone then it said that they would only charge me $38.?.

This company should be turned into the Better Business Bureau for false advertising. When I tried to cancel the order they just cut the price in half. You only get a recording - no human to talk to. I sent the cream back as well as the other eye cream. There was no mention in the add that I saw that you were going to get charge ...

Sears Cheated Elderly

My Mother is 85 years old. She is on a fixed income of $900. Per month. She contacted Sears in Longview Tx to inquire about kitchen cabinets. Sears sent a representative to her home a and convinced her to buy cabinets for $13,000. With payments of about $450. Per month. She realized that she could not afford it and ...