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Review about Dress from Medina, Ohio

My sister n law, Bride to be, wanted the dresses from this site. Received dresses in the wrong color. Fought back n forth with customer service through email for exchange to correct color. Took over a month! Now I am at the point of expecting 40% on new purchase, or returning dresses at my expense, for Full refund, and I have ...

Pizza Hut
Employee habits

I worked for Pizza Hut at 1008 N. Court St. In Medina, Ohio. My main duty was delivery but I did cashier, serve, make pizza, and other duties. WHAT I AM ABOUT TO TELL YOU IS NO!!! I had dropped an order of wings on the floor, put them back in the box and delivered them. I have dropped ingredients on the floor and picked them ...

Genie Bras
Genie Zip Bra - NOT HAPPY!

This bra is comfortable... IF you can get it zipped by yourself, and if the zipper does not divide and split open usually at any time inconvenient, or the zipper slides down for the non-working zipper lock when your reach for something and then unhooks at the bottom and literally pops away from doing it's job very quickly. If ...