City: Mineral
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Sun Trust Slow to make Correction

See previous complaint... Sun Trust Banking / Mortgage Misplaced my deposit (done by my new local bank. Via Bill Pay) to Sun Trust Home Equity Line of Credit and instead placed it in my e-savings account (why I ask... No good answer) So after one trip to my 'nearest' branch (60 miles away) and many phone calls and many hours ...

Massage Chair bought in Lakeworth Tx

I have been paying on time every monthe for 8 months, the chair broke. I bought the extended warranty. They gave me all these numbers to call to get my chair fixed. Then finally got ahold of someone. Said they had to order part and ship it to my ome. (the whole back of chair) then they would call set up apt to come fix, we ...

Review about Staff from Mineral Wells, Texas

I worked at the mineral wells store for a total of 5 days. I was hired as a connections specialist. I spent 90% of my time out off my assigned areas because of poor management. They can't hire enough people so they make other associates do jobs they shouldn't be doing. So I walked out Monday after being assigned to 4 separate ...

Automatic denial of scripts

They have repeatedly asked for more and more paperwork from the doctor including an appeal for their instant denial of some meds. They keep denying the order because the doctor "has not filled out and returned the correct paperwork." Its just a simple prescription but they have complicated the matter to the point of madness. I ...

Aetna worst Ins company EVER!

They deny everything! It takes a month to file an appeal! The company is completely inept. Need to take a name brand drug because I get sick when I take the generic. They want to charge me $30 more because I cant take the generic, even though my Doctor called them. Every time we call them, nobody knows anything. One ...