City: Mission Viejo
Reviews, complaints, fraud and scams reports

Cox Communications
Retalitory Billing

I was on a multi year phone and internet service contract. Once the contract ended, I wanted to continue my phone service but the prices were way too high and I had to cancel. Of course, Cox is the only provider in town. Shortly thereafter, and without notice, my internet bill almost tripled. I called, noting my limited use of ...

Invents Company
Not what they promise to be!

This is a scam. I paid $795 for a report full of cut-and-paste, irrelevant, old data. The biggest question - the size of the US market for my invention, projected sales, industry growth - were unanswered. I asked for examples of magazines that have Invents ads, channels that air their commercials, references - no response. ...

Verizon Wireless
Deceitful in upgrade charges

I purchased a new phone through Verizon on the "edge" program. My first bill was to include the taxes on my new phone and an increase by $22.00 a month. I received $300 in additional charges. I called Verizon and spoke to a person that doesn't have great communication skills. She also couldn't explain to me the charges so she ...