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Frontline Plus
Not working!

It seems I'm not alone with this problem... You would think that buying this product at the Vet's office it would prove effective, but apparently they're (vet) are not aware or are getting a kick back from "Merial" (the manufacturer). I'm on my 3rd month using Frontline on my pomeranian and it is definitely NOT working. My ...

Directv most unprofessional company

I was referred to directv by a neighbor and the first few months the service was fine. When I started having problems with their faulty equipment, dvr pixelating and lagging images and sound not coming through all together I called customer service. They walked me through resetting everything over the phone and said if that ...

What brake issues?:-)

I purchased a 2012 Honda CR-V from Santa Margarita Honda in Orange County CA approximately 10 months ago. The car has 9,400 miles on it and my wife drives it 7 miles/day to go between work and home. My brake rotors are completely warped already. When I drive at freeway speeds and step on the brake the car rattles like a 6.0 ...