City: Mission Viejo
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Would not honor 5% rewards

Our RED card never came so we used the temporary card they gave us. The clerk said it was no good we had to use the RED card. We were standing there with over $600 in goods. What were we to do? Leave the cart which we had spent hours filling and let the clerks put it back. We chose to pay with another card and thought that we ...

Us Bank
Us bank stole my car

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. The day before, us bank towed my car, even though I was current and had been behind last month but I caught up with a double payment on the 16th of November. My payments are due on the 17th. I called them and they demanded over $1300 at a local branch in cash, I was able to do that ...

Massage Envy
Massage envy ripoff

I couldn't make it for appointment and called 2 hours earlier and they said you can reschedule and I wanted for later that night and they didn't have any appointment available and I had to do it another day but bcze it is not same day they took half of 59 dollars for changing schedule and their reasoning was they value ...

Verizon Wireless
Verizon lied about LTE coverage

I checked at the Verizon website that my area has great LTE coverage but in actual, I could not even connect with good speed for 3G. Called CS and was directed to their specialist who then told me I have "marginal" coverage. Then refuse to provide me the network extender but offered me a discount if I purchase it. I kept ...